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Robert Kovesdi (Kovesdi)

We are sorry to pass on that our classmate Bob Kovesdi passed away late last week.  There is no obituary and only a private family service.  Bob leaves a son Casey Kovesdi and two grandchildren.  Bob was preceded in death by Geraldine (Gulish Kovesdi) and Kathleen Kovesdi.    We will miss you Bob.  You were a great friend to many and respected by all your friends and loved ones.  Until we meet again.


Robert Kovesdi 

May 1, 1951 - March 30, 2021

Robert Kovesdi was born on May 1, 1951 in Toledo, Ohio. He is the first born of Joe and Dorothy Kovesdi. He has a younger brother (Joe) and a younger sister (Kathy). His younger brother Gary passed away as a toddler. Robert was a watchful big brother who led the way for his younger siblings. He was a friend, advisor, and advocate for his siblings. Robert enjoyed sports, games and adventure. He excelled in football, exhibiting precise techniques for blocking and running pass patterns. He was recruited to play Division I football but decided to focus on academics instead. He graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, then went on to achieve a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Following his education, he went to work for the Toledo Metropolitan Housing Association before pursuing a career in private business.

Robert was a champion for continued learning, the pursuit of higher education, and following one's dreams. He was a hard-working entrepreneur, owning his own restaurant, Break Time Café. There, he provided top service to his customers and became known for creating one of the best hamburgers in the area, the Breaker Burger.

As a father, Robert was deeply involved in his son's life. He spent countless hours with his son each day playing, whether immersing himself in an imaginary world of dinosaurs, helping with developing 'tiny civilizations' with Micro Machines, or teaching the skills and techniques of basketball, football, and baseball. He also spent countless hours each night teaching his son academics, ranging from U.S. history, geography and memorizing the 50 states, or simply reading bedtime stories.

He showed genuine interests in helping with homework and later displaying curiosity in learning more about his son's professional passions during his son's college and graduate school years. While his son moved across the country for graduate school, he continued to be available. He would talk over the phone each night, providing support, listening, and learning of whatever was the topic of discussion.

His involvement never stopped, continuing to be a listener, advocate, supporter, and truly a superb father. He continued being a person to count on for listening and providing guidance in times of need. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Forever, Robert will be remembered as someone with qualities to aspire to, a man of passion, empathy, and resilience.

Robert is preceded in death by his wife, Kathy and his brother, Gary. He is survived by his mother, Dorothy Kovesdi; his father, Joseph Kovesdi; his brother, Dr. Joseph Kovesdi (Robin Kovesdi); his sister, Kathy Besgrove (Jim Besgrove); Robert's son, Casey Kovesdi (Lexi) and their two children, Harvey and Alton.

All the people in Bob's life, thank you for your kindness.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU from Bob's family to all the Doctors, Nurses, and Caregivers at St. Vincent's Hospital for the professional, compassionate care during the last days of his life.

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