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William "Bill" Wymer, 63, passed away February 12, 2015, at Ebeid Hospice. He was born March 29, 1951, to James and Ruth Wymer in Toledo. Bill was a member of the 1969 graduating class of Clay High School, where he was the President of the Chess Club. He worked for 30 years at GM Hydromatic before retiring in 1999. Bill was active in the student exchange program, hosting several students over the years. His love of adventure and affiliation with the exchange program prompted a trip to Colombia where he met and married his wife, Maria. They lived there for 3 years before returning to Toledo with Maria's 3 daughters. Bill was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, but that did not prevent him from earning his associate's degree from Owens Technical College, an achievement that he was extremely proud of. He enjoyed playing Chess, board games, tinkering with his many gadgets, driving his Corvettes and riding his Harleys.

Bill is survived by his loving wife of 11 years, Maria; daughters, Mafe (John) Bibish, Neyla (Jason) Hill, Silvia (Chris Fofrich) Jimenez; brothers, Robert (Sandra) Wymer, Ken (Barb) Wymer, Norman (Kim) Wymer, and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Karen, and sister, Fran.   Interment in Resurrection Cemetery.

Anyone that was Facebook friends with Bill followed his daily accounts of his life coming to an end.  It was very sad.  One thing for sure is he was so loved by his family.  I never knew Bill in a close way during our high school years but after I became friends with him on FB many many years later I found this man to be so genuine, loving and a role model that many wish they could have mirrored.  This was his last post:

Greeting All

First, Thank You for your prayers and words of moral support.  I have been just laying in bed, getting no more than 4 hours sleep everyday.  I believe I have crossed the line most people in my position find themselves.  Where there is more pain and discomfort than there is time in the day without it.  I wish, pray to sleep 12 hours or more a day, so I do not need to experience this phase of this illness.  I find myself praying for unconsciousness, even the time of my passing to be now, or at least very soon.  The problem with the pain is that it diminishes the good feelings I should be enjoying when I am with family and friends.  I have not been able to express myself when I experience something funny, I grin, but can no longer laugh.  It is a rare occurance when I can express what I really feel deep inside.  I have lights inside that turn on brightly, but the curtain of pain and discomfort prevents that light from shining on the occasion.  The problem with undesired finger movements has returned, after diminishing with a change of pain medication.  Other physical problems have surfaced, going to get a detailed physical next week to narrow down the reasons for them.   I have been hard of hearing since my early 20's, as an 18 year old, I hired into GM, before there were federal laws and regulations about exposure to excess noise.  What would not normally phase me, now irritates me, and I find myself snapping at people when I don't understand what they are saying.  This hurts me inside, as well as it hurts the feelings of the person I snapped at.  I now find myself not only asking for God's forgiveness, but also, the forgiveness from the people around me for these periods of not being the true me.  If this illness continues to effect my outward personality, I may talk to the family about being moved to the faculty that Hospice runs.  One last thing, the 36 radiation treatments I had in Jan and Feb of 2013 left me with dry mouth, damaged voice box, a mouth I can open only 5/8 of an inch.  Throat muscles atrophied to an almost closed position.  Damaged epiglottis.  Now I have diminished lung capacity to breathe.  This forces me to force as much air through my voice box to make sound loud enough to be heard.  Problem is, depending on the situation I am told it is not necessary to shout, sometimes the person is thinking I am shouting at them for something I am unhappy about, but this is seldom the case.  Thanks again, may God bless you and your family.

Bill your words were always moving and my heart ached for the pain you were in.  I hope you are flying high with no pain and with your loved ones.  Until then rest in peace and we will meet you on the other side. 


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