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Max d'Emilio (d'Emilio)

Max Joseph D'Emilio was born on 5/2/1951 and passed on April 4, 2006.  He resided in South Carolina and was 54 years old at the age of his passing.   He had been previously married and divorced.  I do not have any further information on his passing.  If anyone has any details they can pass on we would appreciate it.  Rest in peace Max... you will be missed by your classmates.

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08/21/19 08:34 PM #1    

Beckie Bartok (Hernandez)

Awwww, i was sorry to hear that Max passed. :'(  I have a memory of when Max & I were in the same study hall and his seat was next to mine and he always slept through study hall. He asked if i would wake him up when the bell rang! RIH Max 

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